Investing Transformed

We are committed to saving families from speculating and gambling with their money. This requires an approach that develops investors to be prudent and disciplined throughout an entire lifetime.

Our Vision

Giving All Investors Prosperity, Peace of Mind and Happiness.

The Matson Method

The Matson Method integrates leading research in behavioral economics, financial, neuropsychology, and the field of human performance studies into an innovative and powerful investing science. Our work helps transform people’s relationship to money, fully including both mathematical and the human dimensions of wealth creation.

The Academics of Investing

Modern Portfolio Theory
Dr. Harry Markowitz, winner of 1990 Nobel prize for Modern Portfolio Theory, concluded that an investor can achieve diversification and reduce the risk of losses by reducing the correlation between the returns of the assets selected for the portfolio.

Efficient Market Hypothesis
The Efficient Market Hypothesis developed by economist Eugene Fama Ph. D., Nobel laureate asserts that all knowable and unknowable information is already factored into a stock prices and therefore predicting future movements in stock prices is not possible.

Five-Factor Model
Eugene Fama Ph. D. and Professor Kenneth French, Nobel laureates, developed the Three-Factor Model, later expanded to the Five-Factor Model which proves that certain factors of the market have a higher potential for return over the longer run.


Our Values

Listening, speaking, and acting in a way that honors our word.

Delivering a standard of performance with coworkers and clients by creating a fulfilling and inspiring future.

Developing people to be lifelong disciplined investors.  Creating a space for people to discover their true purpose for life, enabling investors to move from the impossible to the possible.

Taking an unwavering stand for investors and empowering them to live an abundant life.


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