Retirement Planning

Together, We Can Create A Retirement You Can Look Forward To!

Retirement Planning is a major cornerstone of a person’s Financial Plan. We provide our clients with support and coaching to successfully bridge the gap between employment and retirement. We emphasize tax efficiencies through low fees, diversification, and low fund turnover in retirement plans to maximize the amount of money that you retain for you and your family during retirement.

Colomb Investment Management has years of experience helping clients maximize their social security benefits. We also coordinate those benefits with our clients’ other income sources to maximize control and flexibility for them during their golden years.

Our financial coaching increases the discipline required for successful long-term investing. As science and medicine continues to improve our lives, retirement is no longer estimated at 15 years. At Colomb Investment Management, we help you plan for the increased cost of living longer.

A solid Retirement Plan using Nobel Prize winning investment strategies and the behavioral discipline of Investment Coaching can provide an enjoyable abundant retirement.

Retirement Coaching

Financial Coaching like we provide increases the discipline required for successful long-term investing. The days of planning for a 15-year retirement are over thanks to scientific and medical innovations. People are living as many as 30 years after their employment ends. Many retirees require 90% of their previous income to enjoy their retirement partly because of increased cost of medical care and prescriptions.

A solid Retirement Plan coupled with Nobel prize winning investment strategies and the behavioral discipline of Investor Coaching are all part of an enjoyable abundant retirement.


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